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About Your Manchester Kidnap Mistress

I am Mistress Bryce-Jones, your Manchester Kidnap Mistress, I have been into fetish from the age of 17 years, I have learned my skills from experts living in many different countries, and who are considered the very best in the world at what they do.

I have been the leading Mistress in establishments including the famous “Fetish Manor ” in Perth Australia and been front cover in prestigious fetish magazines including Professional Mistresses and  Tie & Tease in the UK.  I have mentored many Mistresses and Masters both home and abroad, I am considered a leading global mistress and expert in all fetish, and I am not limited to certain things.

This is my Kidnap site. Kidnap in my opinion is the ultimate in fetish,  in fact a really good abduction  carried out professionally  has the full package of emotions to be found in Fetish / BDSM.

Your Kidnap Session

There are so many different variations in a kidnap and for all you people who ask what happens I can only outline a general insight.

A session normally takes from 2 to 8 hours,and is carried out by two Mistresses, depending on your circumstances, i.e.traveling from overseas or from a long way off  you might need a hotel,we can make all the arrangements for you, if you so request, or advise you on hotels if you want to arrange things yourself.

If the best starting point is from your hotel, you will be prompted to follow instructions by text, we will be watching you from the very start, you will be on foot and be given directions  by text where to walk, eventually you will be snatched, overpowered, hooded, and bound before being placed in transport provided for victims.

You will be taken on a drive into the countryside to a certain spot, here you will be taken out and stripped, what happens then in this part of the abduction will be on the lines of what information we have been given by you by email when you first booked, of course we will have our own input as well of things we think will enhance the scenario.

We then, if we feel satisfied with you,  load you up to start your journey to the next location, you will know if we are satisfied or not by the signs, i.e. we drive off leaving you tied to a tree, that sign means you need to try harder, you will get the message eventually, when you have, you will arrive finally at the next destination, this is where your session reaches the intense stage, once indoors the fun really begins, this will be the longest period of your captivity, where you will experience some surprises that you have never envisaged, or experienced before.

After this stage is complete you will be dropped off at your starting point, thats unless you have indicated that you would like to spend the night in a cage, bound and blindfolded till the early hours.

Above is just one example of a kidnap, the planning that goes into a professional successful kidnap is like a military operation.

Your Input into your kidnap session

One of the exciting things about kidnap is you yourself can have a big input, in fact you can plan your own fate, maybe you would like more people added we can arrange anything to suit, when you put your scenario together believe me it is such a buzz , you can go for a one mistress kidnap this again is no problem, maybe you would like to be took from your hotel room by the maid who knocks on your door for room service, or took from your bed at home by the most beautiful cat burglar , I am sure while reading this your inventive side is kicking in.

A great kidnap which is popular overseas is a couples  scenario, think of the buzz planning with your partner your own abduction or invasion, in or from your own home, much better than watching a film or reading a book when you can actually live it for real, think about watching your other half being bound helpless and at the mercy of intruders, in fact the lady of the house could become a kidnaper joining and being in on it from the very beginning, I am sure you could think up what my float his boat, or sink it.

I am sure you will have some great nights after experiencing a kidnap together, I some how think you will not be short of things to talk about, do me a favour just ask your partner what they think, you might be surprised.

Although as indicated 2 to 8 hours is the norm for kidnap, there are the exceptions to the rule, some scenarios can last over a long period of time, or on and off over a week.


If you, for whatever reason, are not in a position to participate, and you have a gift for creating situations with kidnap in mind, maybe you could help others by sending your scenario to us,  we will gladly add them to the site for people to consider.